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Death and Dying

Concentric Rings is committed to designing, manufacturing and selling sculptural, progressive and functional cremation urns. Our urns are offered in a range of standard designs that offer people an alternative means to take a meaningful part in the dying process.

Death is an occurrence everyone must anticipate and experience. Since the beginning of civilization, rites and ceremonies have been established to honor the dead, and to provide family and friends an opportunity to remember and participate in the ritual.

When eschatology and the metaphorical relationship of the body and soul are discussed, they bring to light how our established rites give involvement to the living, as well as a place in the social order for the dead. Ceremonial practices are intended to express reverence for the dead and to express grief, wonder and concern in the presence of death itself.

Rituals are unique to every culture. They are essential in our daily lives, and provide a special kind of information about the ideologies and values of each society. The human body in life provides a reservoir of moral representation; this same body after death carries its own possibilities for symbolic expressions.

Today, many people find that the rites and ceremonies as practiced in our culture fail to satisfy these deep personal and spiritual needs. We are far from the rites practiced in the past, such as in the Egyptian period of mummification, yet the needs that such rites address are the same.

Furthermore, thinking about death in advance gives us the opportunity to take an active part in this important ritual, and gives us a chance to let family and friends know how we wish to be remembered. Any meaningful view of death and after death would include extending an appreciation for the past and an acknowledgment of the future, giving us a feeling of continuity and being part of the whole. In our modern society, this is a void that must be filled.

Concentric Rings was formed to address this need by providing a diverse range of unique cremation urns. The sculptural urns are designed for interior and exterior display in the home, cemetery or mausoleum. Concentric Rings offers functional and sculptural cremation urns, including a full line of biodegradable urns. Urns are designed to suit the needs of the individual, as well as families.

To provide our clients with the greatest freedom of choice, Concentric Rings also offers custom designed, one-of-a-kind and exclusive lines of cremation urns. Our designer will work to create an urn that meets your specifications. Clients may play as great a part in the creative process as they choose. We cater to the need for individuality in the funeral industry. In keeping with our commitment to provide artistic and sculptural pieces, a line of signed and numbered editions is available.

The sculptural urns are in keeping with present environmental concerns. Our biodegradable urns give minerals and nutrients back to the earth, and the moveable multi-family units, suitable for any location, help to preserve land space. The urns can be functional within the home or outdoors, and are meant to be displayed as wall hangings or pedestal pieces. For those who are sensitive to the aesthetic, these urns offer contemporary, museum quality sculptures that can be custom designed to meet personal preferences. These sculptural urns provide a necessary alternative, creating a sense of balance and unity in addressing the experience of death and dying.