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New Biodegradable Paper Urn Offers Consumers an Earth-Friendly Alternative

Escondido, CA: Natura©, an exclusive line of biodegradable paper urns, is now available directly to customers, as well as funeral and cremation professionals, according to Mary Louise Donovan, designer and owner of Concentric Rings. The Natura© series is the latest development to come
out of the company, which specializes in offering an innovative approach to cremation urns.

The Natura© urn is made of biodegradable paper, and is appropriate for scattering at sea, burial on land, or display in a niche. The urn holds 250 cubic inches, and comes in a variety of designs and colors. Custom finishes and designs are also available.

When scattered at sea, the urn sinks in approximately 10 to 15 minutes, and fully degrades within one day. The sea urn is designed to accommodate a wreath, which will stay afloat as the urn sinks.
When buried on land, the Natura© urn breaks down within one year, or less, depending on the climate. This urn may be coated with a protective finish, which will preserve it permanently for display.

All Natura© urns may be personalized with paintings, names or quotes. All urns come with an enclosed biodegradable bag. Natura© is made of a non-toxic material which conforms to federal environmental regulations. The sea urn must be released 1000 yards from the coastline. The land urn may be buried in any state in the USA, or internationally.

Concentric Rings is a design and manufacturing firm dedicated to creating urns, which continue to meet the ever-changing needs of the funeral industry. Concentric Rings offers a full line of biodegradable cremation urns; fine art urns for home, garden, cemetery or mausoleum; interior wall units; multi-family units; and free-standing pieces. For more information, call (800) 371-8388.

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